Ever green music maestro Akosua Adjepong has dared Ghamro including her ex to come out and account for the huge expenditures they have made.

Speaking on KFM Tv morning show, Ghana Nti, she said Ghamro has a lot of money but claims they don’t.
He asked them the show what they use the black levy government give to them for.
She said Ghamro gets monies from the government as well as the ones they collect from people who play musicians songs like radio/tv station , DJs etc. but end up giving musicians 50gh and 100gh while they spend billions of cedes on unnecessary expenses.

Akosua Adjepong noted that, there are a lot of musicians who are suffering and need money to cater for their hospital bills and upkeep but Ghamro won’t mind them, they wait until they die and before reaching out to them which is so unfair.

She went on to say that, the leaders at Ghamro says they are not being paid but in their 2018 budget document, they spent millions of monies on salaries expenses and will love that they explain that for them.

She said they have an association of musicians who are not happy with the way Ghamro is going about things.

PRO for Akosua Adjepong, Mr Awuku Hagan also added that, the current administrator for Ghamro ones said on air that he will never accept a job at Ghamro, not even when given billions of cedes but he is now working there so will like to find out from him why now??

He went on to say that, he sensed something fishy is going on and will want the leaders to answer.
He advised musicians out there to be vigilant and ask Ghamro to account for the monies they take and how they distribute them cos it’s their money.

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