1. Kiss and make out with your spouse often

2. Go to bed at the same time as much as possible, not one finding the other asleep

3. Stay faithful to your spouse

4. Have pillow talks. Intimate conversations before sleeping

5. Don’t argue. Always ask yourself “Are you speaking to your spouse with a smile?”

6. Put away the phone in bed. No Facebook, WhatsApp, news or business when it’s intimate time

7. Praise each other’s body, character and achievements in bed

8. Sleep naked if you can. If it’s too cold, wear something attractive

9. Play love songs or worship music in the bedroom to set the mood for warmth

10. Make love as often as you can. Sweat

11. Take time to pray. Take turns. Today it’s his turn, tomorrow hers

12. Cuddle up. Stroke each other’s skin

13. Get playful and naughty. Spank, tease, gently pinch, flirt, dance, rub your butt on him, poke her butt with your penis

14. Share the same blanket/duvet

15. Sleep holding each other. Cuddling. His hand between her breasts

16. Brush your teeth. Fresh breath makes closeness easier

17. Dim the lights

18. Talk with breaks of kisses. Whisper

19. Wish each other a good night

20. Greet each other with a good morning kiss.

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