A humble appeal to the president and flag bearer of the NPP

The NPP in agona East has suffered a lot due to the inactive and gross display of leadership on the part of District Chief executives appointed in the last four years. Practically the party (NPP) nearly saw it demise in the district until the arrival of Prof. Kwesi Yankah who ressurected hope and development for the district. But for the skirt and blouse preached by some constituency officers as a result of the parliamentary primaries Prof. Yankah would have won the seat for the NPP. That not withdstanding, Nana Akufo Addo ‘s votes was hugely maximized, winning with over 2000 votes as against John Mahama.

*Shamefully* , some of these same constituency executives who preached skirt and blouse openly in the constituency have picked forms to apply for the position of DCE. the sickening part of the narrative is such that, because they have formed alliance with some big men in the party from central region and beyond they have progressed to the Jubilee house for the final face and outcome of the appointment.

Mr. President, you are highly respected by everyone in this country when it comes to decision making. Your incorruptible nature makes your government one of a kind Ghanaians have ever witnessed under the 4th republic.
We the concern youth of Agona East beg you in the name of God, country and party fortunes, that you appoint base on broader consultation with chiefs and people in the constituency. *We want to state without any shred of doubt that should you appoint a constituency officer who preached skirt and blouse in the just ended elections, we as a constituency and party will remain in opposition forever*

At least for no reason at all the immediate parliamentary candidate can be consulted as well as the chiefs of the district for proper decision to be taken. Mr. President if you submit to any authority for choosing any candidate of their choice, the New Patriotic party will be a disaster in the district.

We the Youth are positive you will be more consultative as you have always done in your appointments. It is our prayer that you make the *right* Choice for the party in the coming weeks.

Once again it will be strange, disastrous, unpatriotic, and a recipe for defection when the same person who preached Skirt and blouse in your own election to be president is appointed as your representative in agona East district. We in the NPP believe in loyalty and dedication to duty without inducement. This is our humble opinion.

Thank you

Concern Youth of Agona East

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