She was jailed for showcasing her toto at a concert in Rwanda
Liliane Mugabekazi Arrested For Wearing a transparent dress to a concert

Social media has become a medium creating more harm than good to our youths recently. The use of the internet has now been diverted in doing uncultured acts which is making our recent youths go wayward.
According to the news reaching us from Rwanda, A certain 24 year old girl Liliane Mugabekazi was arrested on the 7th of August 2022 after she reported to an event hosted by a France Renowned musician Tayc.
In other countries, nudist and other models who takes naked photographs are allowed to do their thing by exposing their body on the internet or in real lives, but according to what Liliane Mugabekazi is facing now, it’s prohibited in Rwanda.
All the brouhaha about Miss Liliane Mugabekazi is about when she attended Tayc’s Event while wearing clothes that revealed her coochie, so for this uncultured acts, Liliane Mugabekazi is facing a 2 year jail term to serve the government of Rwanda and refrain from indecent dressing after her service in jail.
We’re here letting all women across the globe realise that, exposing yourselves to events and on the internet doesn’t make you valuable and wanted, it just creates lust and might end you in prison so let’s be guided.

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