Ishmael Odoom of Obiaa Bedidi Farms Wins The District Chief Executive’s Special Award at Farmer’s Day.

The Farmer’s Day event in the Agona East District, located in the Central region, celebrated the achievements of local farmers and recognized their contributions to the agricultural sector. Among the esteemed winners was Ishmael Odoom of Obiaa Bedidi Farms, who received the District Chief Executive’s Special Award for his outstanding performance and dedication.

Ishmael Odoom is the proud owner of Obiaa Bedidi Farms, a thriving agricultural enterprise in the Agona East District. This farm encompasses various agricultural activities ranging from fish farming to the cultivation of crops such as cassava, maize, and potatoes. Additionally, the farm boasts a thriving coconut plantation, contributing to the diversity of its operations.

The District Chief Executive, Hon Jane Odei Paintsil, described Ishmael Odoom’s achievements as a motivation for the youth to pursue careers in agriculture. Awards and recognition play a crucial role in highlighting the significance of farming as a noble profession and encourage young individuals to consider agriculture as a viable career option. By acknowledging exceptional farmers like Ishmael Odoom, agricultural development can be nurtured and promoted.

One of the key contributions of Obiaa Bedidi Farms is the employment opportunities it provides to the local community. Through its various farming activities, the farm has created numerous job positions, benefiting individuals and families in the vicinity. The income generated from these jobs has a positive ripple effect on the local economy, improving the overall livelihoods of the people. This exemplifies the potential of agricultural entrepreneurship in addressing youth unemployment.

Ishmael Odoom aspires to entice more young people to invest their time and resources into agriculture. His vision is to showcase the immense benefits and potential of agricultural business ventures. By demonstrating his own success story, he aims to dispel any misconceptions about farming and inspire more youth to consider it as a viable income-generating activity. Furthermore, Ishmael Odoom emphasizes the importance of diversifying farming practices to cater to different market demands and ensure long-term sustainability. This is one of many reasons he is tipped to the next Assembly Elections at Agona Asafo Electoral Area where his farms are situated.

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