Blame churches for the rise in fornication – Rev Obofour
Reverend Obofour.

The Founder and Leader of Anointed Chapel International, Francis Antwi, popularly known as Reverend Obofour says Churches are to be blamed for the rise in fornication.

According to him, because Churches insist on joining people through a wedding which cannot be afforded by many, people rather engage in premarital sex.

He indicated that biblically, the Church does not have control of any marriage but because Ghanaian families are weak, Pastors have taken advantage of that.

In his view, all that one needs is the consent of the lady and her family after the needed investigations have been done so they are joined in holy matrimony.

Obofour added that Churches in the country are wicked that’s why most weddings are done on Saturday.

He added that offertory on wedding days should have been given to the couple but Churches don’t do that.

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