Apprise Artiste on the Spotlight – SPARROWBIOM

Hail from Assin Fosu, Benjamin Boadi is his birth name; however, he is building a legacy as Sparrow Biom. He is a multi-talented young and vibrant Afro Highlife song composer. He again double as song writer.


Although he is currently building a legacy as Sparrowbiom, his birth name is Benjamin Boadi. He is a talented, creative, and an enthusiastic Afro Highlife song composer and a songwriter.

Sparrowbiom reveals the fascinating story that led to the adoption of his stage name. While perusing a dictionary in high school, Sparrowiom claims he happened upon the moniker “Sparrow” and chose to take it as his own. Sparrow refers to a common bird found primarily in northern America.

He further unveils the story of how he entered the music industry right after his Senior Secondary education but had to take a break in the process due to financial constraints hence the BIOM, in his name which means “AGAIN” (twi translated). His philosophy has always been that “all fingers can never be equal.”


Sparrowbiom discovered his singing passion from a young age but did not have the means to pursue it on a long-term as he was informed that the music industry required full dedication and financial stability.

His life took a sweet turn when he met his Promoter, Assin Talks in 2020, who pushed him to acquire more skills and knowledge in music to stay on top of his game.
Sparrowbiom revealed in his Apprise session interview that his main motivators who makes him want to be a better version are Sarkodie, Fameye, Kwabena Kwabena and senior Kwadee; legends who have made a good name in the music industry over the years.

TOO MUCH LOVE, OLUWA, COINS AND PAPER, and WORK HARD are all songs written and composed by the multi-talented Sparrowbiom and are available on Boomplay, Audiomark, Spotify, and other digital platforms.

His upcoming song, OBRA(LIFE), describes how everyone has a different path in life and that, while some people will have it easy and have a silver spoon in their mouths, others will have to struggle and labor for their daily bread.

Each of Sparrowbiom‘s songs, according to him, contains a message that is intended for everyone and offers comfort to those going through difficult times.
He counsels listeners to always make moral and practical decisions because it is impossible to win over everyone all the time.


Written By: Akua Karle Okyere

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