Profile of Solomon Ohene Ankomah ( King So )

Full Name: Solomon Ohene Ankomah

Nickname:King So

Date of Birth: August 17, 1982

Place of Birth: Bono Manso, Bono East Region, Ghana

Early Aspirations: As a child, King So aspired to become a visual artist, public speaker, and musician, driven by his inherent talents in these areas.

College:Asuogyaman Senior Secondary Technical School (now Akumfi Ameyaw Senior High School) 2002 – 2005
Awards and Roles:Best School Visual Artist and Singer, President of the Ghana National Association of Adventist Students (GNAAS), and Compound Overseer (C.O).

– Spouse: L/Cpl. Mrs. Eunice Asubonteng Takyiwa Jr. (Maame U)
– ⁠Children:
– Seth Ohene-Baah Soo, 3 years old
– Alfred Ohene Ankomah Agyapong, 11 months old

Current Position:
Manager for Kwasky Travel and Tour, Brong Ahafo Branch
Location:Bono East regional capital, Techiman

Career Overview:
King So’s career spans music and management. He manages a travel and tour company while actively engaging in music, where his powerful diction and audience engagement have marked his unique presence. His music career has led to significant opportunities, including owning a home and achieving fame.

Major Accomplishments:
Music: Selected for the best local song in Ghana for COVID-19 sensitization, sponsored by the World Bank.

Recognition: Chosen over popular Ghanaian musicians for a sanitation project song (Agyananbea), in collaboration with the Ghana Ministry of Sanitation and Water and the World Bank.

Professional Affiliations:
– Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA):Former Treasurer for Bono Ahafo Region
– Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO)

Philosophy and Values:
King So believes in excellence and creativity, viewing mediocrity as detrimental. He advocates for the positive social impact of music, aiming to use his influence to inspire and drive change. He stresses purposeful determination, practice, and faith in God as keys to professional success.

Career Goals:
King So aspires to spread his messages globally, creating positive change through music. He aims to influence both established and emerging musicians, promoting positive control over societal norms and winning souls for Christ.

Advice to Youth:
“Winning or losing is not about size, but about being the best version of yourself where it matters most.”

Memorable Career Moment:
His proudest memory is when his music was recognized as the best local COVID-19 sensitization tool in Ghana, enabling him to engage with high-ranking government officials.

Skills and Strengths:
King So excels in delivering insightful speeches and engaging his audience through dynamic stagecraft. He values creativity, constant practice, and the ability to work beyond conventional limits.

Below are list of some of his musics


2 Nkwa-nsuo
3 Moye adehyie
4 Ayeyi nwom
5 Wiase a nteasie nnim
6 Ohaw bi anaa
7 Waye mistake
8 Sesa me hyebre.
9 Wiase a ntiasie nnim accistic
10 Canaan

2 Owuo nkwanta
3 Ghana
4 Mewo nkwa
5 Atemuda
6 Come
7 Kasakyere me
8 Dede (noise)
9 Ghana ( accostic)
10 Aware pa
11 W’anim

2 Ensuro
3 Se wo pe nkunim
4 Tete wo ba
5 Ebre no nie
6 In the name
7 Mebo nedin
8 Onyame tumi


1 Se mereko yi
2 By his grace
3 Meye oberima.
4 Kyerekyere me
5 Okyere me kwan (midly)

Albums = 3
Songs = 29
Singles = 5
Total recorded songs = 34

Featured in 41 albums, over 70 songs.

First album recorded = 2005

20yrs in the ondustry.

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