Akosammy sets to drop Christmas song “Wawo Yesu” on December 5.


Christmas is obviously the biggest festival on the calendar of Christians worldwide. This is the season most Christians express their love and gratitude towards their Messiah Christ Jesus for coming into the world to sacrifice Himself to take aways sins of men. Basically, Christmas is marked as the season to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus.

Years ago, many musicians released celebration songs to spice up the season. In recent times, it’s not seen as before, thus others believe the euphoria for the Christmas season is fading.
Akosammy, a Christian singer who always uses her talent to project the greatness of God Almighty has this time decided to bring back the love of Christmas into the Christian fraternity and also preach the purpose to non Christians.
She disclosed to africapush.com that ;

“The song basically says, if we humans created by God revere and celebrate our birthdays and death anniversaries, we must be mindful to celebrate the birth of God’s beloved son Jesus Christ our saviour.”

The song titled Wawo Yesu features another powerful act Paul Jnr on it.
Akosammy’s manager said the song will be released on the 5th of December to start the Christmas season. Thus africapush.com promises to be the first musical platform where you can get it downloaded for free when released. But for the mean time follow Akosammy Music on all social media handles .

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