Cruz House event, organizers of Miss Musilimah Ghana has announced their preparations towards the production of a third season of Miss Musilimah Ghana following a year-long break. The all-Muslim pageant which has two seasons to its credit is by far the most recognized all-Muslim beauty pageant in Ghana, Africa and beyond. This year’s competition which is scheduled to run from May through October is specially dubbed THE VOTE FREE SEASON.  It would require absolutely no voting throughout the competition, making MMG the first beauty pageant in Ghana to introduce no voting.


Speaking to the media about the new development, the CEO, Mrs Hawa Alidu Farouk, explained the rationale behind the decision as a way to make the competition even more accessible to people from diverse economic backgrounds “Most times, people who do qualify to some of these pageants do not end up auditioning because they first of all think about who and where they would be getting their voting support from.

The few who make it through auditions are not typically evicted halfway into the competition due to insufficient votes, regardless of how good they may be. We want our contestants to feel that they have equal opportunities as far as voting is concerned” Beyond this bold decision, organizers are also considering raising the cash prize amount for potential winners as well as introducing other amazing corporate and entrepreneurial opportunities for participants. Another addition to this year’s edition is the introduction of the ‘Humanitarian Project pitch’. A community-based project aimed at addressing a basic humanitarian need. “This aims at preparing our contestants to become global citizens and to be aware of the responsibilities they have as individuals to maintaining a globally safe environment”, Mrs Alidu Farouk explained. She further hinted that they are open to sponsorships, partnerships, and support from corporate organisations, institutions, brands, government agencies as well as individuals who would like to be part of the MMG community. Over the years, MMG has created an enabling platform for young Muslim ladies to excel and become their best selves in a non-Muslim-dominated industry while breaking stereotypes and changing the status quo for Muslim women through beauty, intelligence and modesty.

Audition for this year’s season is also free and is currently open. Interested young Muslim ladies are expected to send a short video of themselves in their modest Hijab or Turban, and introduce themselves, their aspirations, inspirations as well as their motivations for joining Miss Muslima Ghana. Complete videos must be sent to the WhatsApp number 0559181770.

The third season of MMG indeed promises to be one of the best and organizers say they took a break to think things over and are now back with a good bounce, and more than ready to put their best foot forward, and provide a top-notch production both for the Muslim community and Ghanaians at large. More details about this season will be communicated through the MMG black box with CEO on our social media platforms. For sponsorships and partnerships, contact the numbers +233573759509 / 233248495589 or email

Miss Muslimah Ghana, Beauty defined from the Islamic perspective; it’s epic!!!


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