TKS records signee, Akosua Reyna who in real life is known as Bernice Nyarko is set to release both the audio and video of her first single titled ‘Left Over’ on the 1st of December, 2020

The song’s concept or story is about a cheating boyfriend who does not show any sign of remorse and respect towards his official girlfriend. She becomes fed up and calls the relationship off. The boyfriend then casts a slur on her by calling her a Left Over. After months of moving on, the guy gets to know that he’s lost a treasure that is irreplaceable. He then begins searching for her for a second chance but it becomes too late for him.

This song relates to real life issues that happen in our everyday lives. In way or the other, we have become victims before as far as this is concerned. Imagine being in a relationship with a partner who is so much devoted to you but you take him or her for granted. After losing him or her, that becomes when we realise the worth of that person we have lost. We then decide to go back to him or her for a second chance which looks likely impossible.

According to some experienced industry players who have listened to the song, they have ticked Left Over as not just being a hit song but also praised the talent of Akosua Reyna. Many are of the view that she is a talent that the nation should watch out for and also a fierce competitor that the female artistes should be wary of.

The song has a feel of Afro Beat and High Life rhythm fussed together. The beat of the song was produced by RABS (Scotty) the manager of Akosua Reyna. The mixing, mastering and recording was done by Tubhani Muzik-Kumasi.

When asked the message she wishes to carry across with this song, Akosua Reyna stated that we should love those who love us, respect and honour them. We should not take somebody’s love for us for granted and lose the person before we realise it. She added that it might be too late for a second chance so we should value those in our lives now.

Anticipate! Get your grooves on, your snap chats ready, your playlist and WhatsApp status on standby to update them with Left Over song from the camp of TKS Records signee-Akosua Reyna

You can follow her on all social media platforms for updates- Facebook @ Akosua Reyna, Instagram@ Akosua_Reyna, Twitter @ Akosua Reyna, YouTube @ TKS Records and call or WhatsApp @ 0249360103

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