Switzerland-based Ghanaian female musician Seley has made a huge revelation in the Ghanaian music industry.

The “Problem” singer visited Ghana recently for her upcoming album project and was shocked to discover the state of the music industry.

According to Seley, the industry is full of “open your legs” offers that are not beneficial to female artists.

She said, during her stay in Ghana many producers in the industry she met were more interested in sleeping with her than helping develop her music career.

Seley believes that this is a major problem that needs to be addressed to create a more equitable and fair industry for women to shine as bright as diamonds too.

Factually speaking, Seley is not alone in this opinion. Many female artists in Ghana have spoken out about the issue, claiming that they are often asked to sleep with producers and managers in order to get their music heard.

This has led to a situation where female artists are often overlooked and undervalued in the industry.

To combat this problem, Seley believes that female artists should be given more opportunities to showcase their talent and be taken seriously.

She is determined to make a difference in the industry and is currently working on a project where female musicians can be bold to decline certain offers.

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