President Weah Implores Religious Community Participate In Bicentennial Celebrations

Monrovia, Liberia – The President of the Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, is stepping up the mobilization of citizens of all backgrounds to get involved in the celebration of Liberia’s Bicentennial which kicked off last Friday at the Providence Island.

Liberia, under President Weah’s leadership, is this year 2022, celebrating the founding of Liberia which began in earnest when some 86 freed blacks from the United States landed on what is known today as the Providence Island in 1822.

Several events are planned throughout this year to commemorate the Bicentennial, which a couple of them already scheduled for February.

In an apparent bid to widen outreach, the Chief Executive tilted towards the Religious Community Friday, January 14, 2022, and held a meeting with them at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

President Weah, at the meeting, urged the religious leaders to take seize of events commemorating the Bicentennial Celebration of the country by getting involved and playing a very active, significant, and productive role.

He said as spiritual torchbearers of society, members of the Religious Community are uncontestably relevant to the founding of the country. The President, therefore, called on them to ensure that the best thing is done in the supreme interest of the country.

“It puzzles me that the men and women of God of this country are not fully involved in such an important national program that has to do with the founding of the country 200 years ago.”

The President particularly challenged Religious Community to be practical in addressing and dealing with national issues, stressing also that their importance in ensuring the stability and sustenance of statehood and at such historical events could not be overemphasized regardless of any situation.

President Weah told the gathering, which attracted leaders from diverse faiths, that every citizen, particularly every member of the cleric, is under obligation to serve as ambassadors for peace and unity in their dealings.

He emphasized that the peace of the country is important even to the wellbeing of religious leaders, noting further that with peace much can be done and realized.

“The fact that God made man in His image and in a certain peculiar way does not mean we are different from each other, regardless of religious and tribal backgrounds,” Dr. Weah said. “Whether you are Mano, Gio, Sarpo, Grebo, and Kpelleh, we are the same.”

The Liberian Leader said the Bicentennial Celebration is significant to the country and that the Religious Community should join their compatriots to ensure that it does not fail.

Reference: E-Mansion

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