Barely a day after a video clip of Popcaan smoking a substance believed to be marijuana went viral, the Jamaican artiste has proposed a meeting with Kwaw Kese and the Ghana government to strengthen arguments for the legalization of the herb in the country.

Kwaw Kese who was jailed in 2015 for narcotic offence had sparked a conversation on Instagram over authorities’ loud silence on the said video as he wondered if the narrative would have been same if the culprit were a Ghanaian.

Reposting the video which was captioned: “Only in Ghana foreigners can fuck up like this. When @kwawkese smoked in public he was arrested. So this means our law set only to control on the citizens but foreigners are free to go… the most painful part is Ghana police. None of them was able to speak the truth out because of the small coins which will be given out… Ooh Ghana”, Kwaw Kese asked his followers to discuss the issue at hand.

The Ghanaian rapper’s post attracted reactions from several people including Popcaan.

“I’m not a foreigner bro. We all came from Africa. Don’t be mad bro. Let’s try to organize a meeting with the government to legalize weed. It’s simple #unruly,” Popcaan’s comment read.

Responding to the call, Kwaw Kese said he was ever ready.

“Never mad bro. I’m in for same vibe,” he replied.

Kwaw Kese was arrested for allegedly smoking cannabis in public in Kumasi on November 22, 2014 and was remanded into prison after making an appearance in court.

On Thursday April 23, 2015, the court finally reached a verdict as Judge William Boampong sentenced ‘the man insane’ to a day’s imprisonment. He was also slapped with a GHc1,200 fine.

Despite the facing the full rigorous of the law, the rapper in 2018 said he relaxes with a ‘spliff’.

“That issue is a public issue but if I am doing it under my bed, that is me,” Kwaw Kese told Lexi Bill on Joy FM.

“I was in the [United] States and I saw Kwami Sefa Kayi was on your show and he opened up that government should consider legalizing; and not long ago, Kwesi Pratt was also on radio advocating the same thing. That tells me some of our big men or big boys that we know, that we adore so much are preaching the same thing we are preaching,” Kwaw Kese argued.

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