Ghanaian gospel musician Obed Debrah has just released a captivating new song titled “You Deserve.” In this soul-stirring track, Debrah expresses his belief that God deserves everything and deserves all praises.

With his powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, the song serves as a beautiful testament to Debrah’s faith and reverence for the Almighty.

As a Baptist Minister of the Gospel, Obed Debrah is from Ghana Baptist University college, school of theology and ministry, Kumasi. His theological background and deep-rooted spirituality shine through in his music, and “You Deserve” is yet another example of his commitment to sharing his faith through his art. Debrah’s passion for music and ministry culminate in this uplifting and inspiring composition.

The song “You Deserve” serves as a reminder to listeners of the greatness and goodness of God. It encourages believers to worship and honor Him wholeheartedly, acknowledging His sovereignty and unwavering love. Obed Debrah’s melodious voice and authentic delivery create a captivating listening experience that is sure to resonate with audiences who appreciate soulful gospel music.

Obed Debrah’s new song, “You Deserve,” is a powerful ode to the deserving nature of God. Through his music, Debrah offers a heartfelt expression of praise and adoration, inviting listeners to join him in honoring the Almighty. As a talented musician and dedicated Baptist Minister of the Gospel, Debrah continues to touch hearts and souls with his inspiring compositions, leaving a lasting impact on the gospel music landscape.

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