The Member of Parliament for Agona East, Queenstar Pokua Sawyer, is gradually chasing her own shadows in political thuggery.
On Saturday 14th December, 2019, the MP ordered some vigilante group believed to be members of the NDC in Agona East to attack Kweku Tawiah, a Polling Station Organizer of the NPP at Methodist Church Polling Station in Agona Kwanyako.

The incident occurred at Agona Akroma when Ms Jane Paintsil, an aspiring Assemblywoman for the Ahorso/Odumase Electoral Area, went with her supporters to inspect ongoing electrification projects initiated in the area by Prof Kwesi Yankah.
Whilst Miss Paintsil was with the contractor on site, the NDC vigilante group, that confirmed they were ordered by the MP, rushed to the village to claim ownership of the project.
They physically attacked Kojo Tawiah and slapped him many times but the NPP Organizer did not utter a word.
The MP herself confirmed this on Golden Star FM’s Critical Issues program on Saturday morning in an interview she granted.

Queenstar Pokua for sometime now, has been attacking the noble Prof Kwesi Yankah on radio and on any social or political platform. She has been claiming ownership of every single project Prof Yankah is embarking on in the Constituency.

Prof Kwesi Yankah is the duly elected Parliamentary Candidate of the NPP in Agona East. Whilst Queenstar Pokua is not a candidate yet, and glaringly sees the signs of defeat in the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2020, she actually doesn’t want to bow out honorably.

Her attitude towards key personalities within the NPP in Agona East, clearly sparks high tension expected in 2020 electioneering period.
She has been abusive to Chiefs, the clergy, teachers and everybody who matters in the constituency but does not believe in her leadership.

Her order for the vigilante group to attack the NPP Organizer could seriously ignite the youth of the party in Government to counter her actions.
In a telephone interview with Kweku Tawiah, he mentioned that he has “already reported the matter to the Kwanyako Police Station and also informed leadership of the party in the constituency for necessary action”.
It would be recalled that the MP of the area, being so vindictive, is likely to leave Agona East a completely disappointed former MP.
Meanwhile, the NPP youth in Agona East have sounded a word of caution to the MP to stop attacking the Minister of State in charge of Tertiary Education and focus on her work as a Member of Parliament.

In 2016, prior to the general elections, it was published that Pokua is one of the MPs in Ghana’s Parliament who has never spoken on the floor of the house. Neither does she contribute to debate in parliament. But is always interested in trading words in the local media.
What then is the duty of this member of parliament?

She has completely become so paranoid after the election of Prof Kwesi Yankah as the PC of the NPP who is most likely to face her in the parliamentary election on December 7, 2020 and that could possibly mark the reason behind her tantrums and needless attacks on the good old Professor.
This is the time everybody in the country is practically condemning vigilantism and political violence of any form. It is very unfortunate and condemnable the actions of the Member of parliament for Agona east the path she has chosen to rule her own constituents.

It will be timely and essential if the major stakeholders of peace and democracy call the member of parliament to order ahead of the 2020 general elections before it generate into a major crisis.

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  1. What prove is there to ascertain the claim that the MP asked the acclaimed vigilante group to attack and slap the NPP polling station youth organiser?Your propaganda against the God chosen woman for the good people of Agona East will not wash. The woman is winning and winning again. Even prof Yankah cannot walk a minute without stopping to rest,he sleeps with his hands in his armpit. What better thing does he have for Agona East. By your deeds u shall all be known.

  2. Politics is about creating chaos atmosphere. Each of you must focus on things that will bring peace and not to make our community a porous one. What at all are you people looking for in this world that you have allowed politics to divide us daily. Families have become enemies amongst its own members.why? Am always worried when l hear people preaching war when it’s getting to election. You have no idea of chaos environment or war torn Community. Get in-depth knowledge of a broken Community as result of civil war and you will better think right.I don’t think two wrongs can always make right. Lets wake up and stop these self seeker politicians from using us to achieve their selfish gains

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