It has become obvious now that the church in Ghana and Africa as a whole is now in tune with other forms of preaching the Gospel of God Almighty musically. One of these inventive forms of the Gospel music is the Afro-gospel which is fast gaining weight in the kingdom business in Ghana.

One of the best to ever venture in the Afro-gospel genre, Joseph Matthew has his music being pitched in the industry at present. His most neoteric Afro-gospel tune, ,”Blessed” after being plugged properly in the Accra media spaces, has hurtled onto the Ashanti Region’s media expanses.

The team monitored and saw the song, “Blessed” on several music charts and playlists in the region. Most noticable amongst them are Aben FM, Aseda FM, Garden City Radio, Kumasi FM, Adehye3 FM, et all.

Check out some videos of DJs and presenters rotating the song on end on radio.

[Watch Videos Here]

Also checkout the song from below and judge for yourself if it does not deserve the energies around it.


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