Ashby Guy, a gifted musician from the Central area’s tiny hamlet of Elmina, leads the charts in the region with the publication of his brand-new hit song, “Friday Night.” After putting in numerous hours polishing his art, he wrote the hit song “Friday Night,” which perfectly encapsulated the thrill of the weekend. It was his second consecutive victory.

He was shocked to learn that the song was becoming popular on local radio stations, mainly in the central region, and on social media. The catchy music and relevant lyrics were too much for many in the central region to handle.

This thrilling song, which was released on Friday, April 19, 2024, is an enthralling blend of producer Liugeebeatz’s inventiveness, Ashby Guy’s distinctive style, and Kojo Vypa’s contagious vitality. There is a lot of tension since music lovers are unable to get enough of this exciting new partnership.

As this is the first time Ashby Guy, Kojo Vypa, and Liugeeboi have collaborated, “Friday Night” is a well-prepared song for fans of each artist’s solo work. With the unique voice of Kojo Vypa, the versatile musicality of Ashby Guy, and the flawless production abilities of Liugeeboi, the trio has created a musical masterpiece that will be enjoyed by listeners all around the world.

This chart below was held on Property FM and prepared by award winning entertainment host in central region, Amansan Krakye.

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