The Leadership of Asafo Forum for Change – AFC in Agona Asafo (in Agona East District of the Central Region) has come to the unfortunate realization that some unscrupulous and unpatriotic individuals have been peddling falsehoods about the Forum; branding the group as an offshoot of a political party.

We would want to state unequivocally that, Asafo Forum for Change is not a wing of any political party in Agona Asafo or in the Agona East Constituency. The Forum’s main objectives are;

1. To liaise with other stakeholders in the holistic development of the Agona Asafo Community, especially in the area of health, education and youth development (mentorship, career guidance, etc).

2. To positively promote relevant initiatives of Agona Asafo Community in order to attract various support and recognition.

3. To serve as a platform to unite all natives of the Agona Asafo Community who are living outside the community including those abroad to support the development of the town.

4. To use the activities of the Forum to revive the patriotic spirit of the members of the Community towards developmental initiatives.

5. To help search for, create or provide employment opportunities for natives of the Agona Asafo Community.

6. To also create a platform for community and family bonding among natives and friends of the community.

The above objectives are, and still remain the objectives of the Forum. And we are so happy that our activities, advocacy and campaigns are yielding results. We are very grateful to all our the benevolent individuals who have been supporting us in diverse ways.

We would like to assure the general public and all our benefactors that, even though some of our members may be politically exposed persons, their partisan ideologies and positions do not in anyway represent the mandate of the Forum. The Forum does not discuss partisan politics or meddle in the party politics of Agona Asafo or the Agona East Constituency. Our only focus is the development of the Agona Asafo Commmunity.

We are not controlled by partisan political views and opinions of political party fanatics.

Membership is opened to all manner of persons who are interested in the development of the Agona Asafo Community. It doesn’t matter if you are native or not.

We would like to emphatically state that; this is just the machination of naysayers, community wreckers and pathetic attention seekers who want every aspect of community development to be politicized.

We therefore entreat all our members, donors and supporters to disregard such falsehood being peddled by anti-progressive elements and treat such information with the contempt it deserves. Do not fall for their antics.

Asafo Forum for Change is not for any political party, neither is it functioning under the whims and caprices of any political party or politician. The Forum is apolitical, nonpartisan and fearlessly independent.

We are therefore determined to continue in our own small way to serve our community and help it develop. No amount of falsehood peddling can stop us. Agona Asafo is the only town we have.

Thank you.


Richardson Commey Fio
(Founder & Convener- AFC)
Tel; +233 (0) 24 924 5065

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