Divine Crescendo: Brother Ishmael’s Journey to Gospel Artiste of the Year

In a night filled with harmonious melodies and soul-stirring performances, Brother Ishmael emerged as the shining star at the 12th edition of the Central Music Awards. The event, powered by Heritage Promotions, unfolded its grandeur at the Center For National Culture – CNC Cape Coast on the 25th of November, 2023. The air was thick with anticipation as ten remarkably talented Gospel musicians, all hailing from or deeply rooted in the central region, vied for the coveted title of Gospel Artiste of the Year.

In a divine twist of fate, God’s shepherd and Gospel artist, Brother Ishmael, clinched the prestigious award, sending ripples of joy through the hearts of his fervent supporters. As he stood on the stage, bathed in a celestial glow, he humbly acknowledged the divine guidance that led him to this pinnacle of success. With gratitude in his heart, he expressed his thanks to the Almighty for the gift of music and the ability to spread the Gospel through his art.

Amidst the cheers and applause, Brother Ishmael extended his appreciation to the pillars of his musical journey. He recognized Assin Talks, his devoted promoter, whose unwavering support propelled him into the spotlight. Additionally, the artist acknowledged DJ Rock, his personal DJ, whose skills have woven seamlessly into the fabric of his musical narrative.

Brother Ishmael‘s victory is not only a personal triumph but a testament to the spiritual resonance of his music. With three official singles already captivating audiences, the anticipation for his upcoming album is palpable. As the echoes of his melodious voice continue to reverberate, one can’t help but feel the divine presence in his artistry, making him not just a Gospel Artiste of the Year but a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. The central region has witnessed the rise of a true musical shepherd, guiding souls through the power of Gospel music.


Article by: Assin Talks

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