Ghana is the first African country to resist oppressor’s and gain their independence. This great move led to the emancipation of other African countries from colonial rule. This led to the reason why she is called the “Gateway of Africa”.


Ghana is 67 years today after her independence but many are the the citizens that cry foul in terms of retardation  of developmental projects in it. Ghana is one of the most endowed countries in the world. Gold, Diamond, oil, bauxite, manganese, et al are embedded in their large quantities in the land.


Surprisingly, these mineral products have not been put to their rightful dispositions which makes their income returns low.  This in effect has made it hard for the Government to implement projects to ease the need of the people. This has made it difficult for the citizens to live happily in the land their destined in. The gnashing and suffering has propelled so many a man to leave the country to seek greener pastures overseas.


Joseph Matthew, a contemporary gospel musician has laid loads of enigmatic messages in his recent release, “Promise Land” for Ghanaians and Africans as a whole. The messages which is hope furnished gives the least of an African, the urge to believe in themselves and the land once more, just like how the feeling was at independence.


Joseph Matthew propagates that indeed, Africa is still a beautiful place with lots of goodies just like Leopold Sedar Senghor compared it to a beautiful woman in his poem, “I Will Praise Your Name, Naett”. He furthered that although we are caught in so much chaos now, if we run back to our first love, “God” and believe, we will be restored fully, and the crying dying will cease.


His center of sermon was centered on finding our ways back to God Almighty which will bring us back on track the “Promise Land” because we are “The Chosen”.


Checkout the song from below and deduce the message as well.

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