The People of Gomoa has been known as one of the vibrant tribes that engineers entertainment among the fantse in Ghana. To some people, the ascent of their language is very exciting to hear. The Gomoa has a very rough geographical area that you can see them almost every where in the Central region. When you visit Agona Swedru, they are regard as AG in showbiz which is an abbreviation of Agona and Gomoa.
Now Taboo the Superstar also known as Okotoepua is from Gomoa Aboso which is seen to be part of Agona Swedru even though it under Gomoa District, has come to establish a huge music festival within the biggest festival of Gomoa People dubbed “GOMOAFEST”. This event brings together all musical icons and entertainment gurus that hails from Gomoa and Agona to bring forth a massive concert during the Akwanbo festival.
The likes of Size Zero, Buda, Smen, Skyty Nero, Abombelet,ABK, Gojit,Ayamba Yati, Abibiw, Odikro and many great artistes are representing on the GOMOAFEST 2020.
We are also going to feel top DJs performance. And also myself Afrikaba Ronnie who is a proud descendant of Gomoa will represent.

Taboo and his event team has promise to make a history during this concert and thus entreats every one to come support the initiative.

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