In the vibrant landscape of Ghanaian music, one name that stands out is Old Swat, the Belgium-based Ghanaian record label owner, whose latest collaboration with rising star Zygee on the track “Bottles” is making waves. With a decade-long presence in the showbiz scene, Old Swat has solidified his position as one of the top record label bosses in Ghana, bringing forth fresh talents and contributing significantly to the industry’s growth.
Old Swat’s journey in the entertainment industry began with the launch of the music blog Loud Sounds Gh, a platform that served as a nurturing ground for emerging talents across Ghana and Africa. Through this venture, he not only showcased the diverse musical talent but also gained invaluable insights into the industry dynamics. Later, fueled by his passion for music production and artist management, Old Swat transitioned into the role of a record label owner, setting his sights on discovering and promoting promising artists.
His latest project, “Bottles,” serves as a testament to Old Swat’s commitment to introducing new talents to the music scene. Teaming up with Zygee, a fast-rising artist from Ghana, Old Swat aims to not only showcase Zygee’s musical prowess but also propel him into the spotlight of stardom. “Bottles” is more than just a song; it’s a declaration of the duo’s musical synergy and their shared vision for the future of Ghanaian music.
Zygee’s distinct style and lyrical prowess blend seamlessly with the catchy beats and infectious rhythm of “Bottles,” creating a track that resonates with audiences across various demographics. With its vibrant melodies and captivating hooks, the song has quickly garnered attention on both local and international platforms, further solidifying Old Swat’s reputation as a tastemaker in the industry.
Listeners are invited to experience the magic of “Bottles” by visiting [Old Swat – Bottles ft Zygee Click here to stream ( and streaming the track. As the music industry continues to evolve, collaborations like this between established figures like Old Swat and emerging talents like Zygee serve as a beacon of innovation and creativity, driving the Ghanaian music scene to new heights.
“Bottles” not only marks a significant milestone in Old Swat’s journey as a record label owner but also shines a spotlight on the immense talent of Zygee. Together, they prove that with passion, dedication, and a shared love for music, anything is possible in the ever-evolving world of Ghanaian showbiz
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