Obrafour’s Resounding Endorsement: Unveiling the Musical Brilliance of 420 Drumz at Asankamu Festival

In the rhythm-filled air of the Asankamu Festival, a moment of recognition and admiration unfolded as the legendary Ghana Rap Sofuor, Obrafour, took center stage. The occasion, organized by Kastle 90.3 FM in Cape Coast at Siwdu Park, became a platform for more than just music—it became a stage for eulogies and accolades. Among the spotlight-stealers was none other than Cape Coast’s own music producer and sound engineer, 420 Drumz.

Obrafour, known for his lyrical prowess and discerning eye for talent, couldn’t help but pause during his performance. With a genuine sense of appreciation, he reached out to the crowd, calling out 420 Drumz for a moment in the spotlight. The crowd’s anticipation heightened as Obrafour showered praise upon the Cape Coast-based maestro.

“I see greatness in Oja – 420. Ghana should watch out for him,” declared Obrafour, his words carrying the weight of a musical luminary. The moniker “Oja – 420” resonated through the crowd, leaving an indelible mark on the festival. Obrafour‘s endorsement was more than a compliment; it was a seal of approval from one generation of Ghanaian music to the next.

420 Drumz, known for his innovative beats and contributions to the music scene, stood humbly in the midst of the accolades. The eulogy from Obrafour served as both validation and motivation for the talented producer. As the festival continued, whispers of “Oja – 420” lingered in the air, hinting at the promise of a rising star in the Ghanaian music constellation.

The Asankamu Festival became a juncture where past and future intertwined, and Obrafour’s acknowledgment of 420 Drumz added a significant chapter to the narrative of Ghanaian music. As the applause subsided, the echoes of Obrafour‘s words lingered—a resounding reminder that in the rhythmic tapestry of Ghana’s music scene, 420 Drumz had not just earned respect; he had earned a prophecy of greatness. Ghana, it seemed, had been put on notice to watch out for the musical brilliance of Oja – 420.


Article by: Abdul Fattah YahayaAssin Talks 

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