Spirited  Gospel Music Minister Obum Raphael Releases His Debuit Single titled Ibuchim (You Are My God)”, an Extraordinary Worship Birthed in the Place of Intimacy (Koinonia) with the Holy Ghost.

According to Minister “Obum Raphael” He Unveiled thus that the Spirited Worship:

Ibuchim ( You Are My God) came after an encounter with the ”GREAT I AM”.  He opened my Eyes to see how he formed man. He (God) made Man after His Own Image and Likeness and gave Him (Man) His (God) own Life (Breath). The life of the Almighty was the reason man came alive. He took me to John 1:4 to buttress his point. At this point I began to imagine the magnificent Love of God towards mankind. No wonder the psalmist out of this unspeakable Love God had for man he could say; ”what is man that thou art so mindful of…” This is the reason He uses gods and sons to qualify Man. (You are Gods;  you are all sons of the Living God psalm 82:6) I broke down in tears now knowing who I had been. Right there this song came to me from the Almighty.

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I belong to the family of minstrels of the end time revival move of God. God has ordained me to bring heavenly perspective to the earth realm through songs in order for His (God) presence to be visible on Earth.

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