Neat FM has apologised to celebrated actress Yvonne Nelson over defamatory comments on its platform by one Mona Gucci.

Mona Gucci in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat Fm weeks ago mentioned a long list of female showbiz personalities including Yvonne who she alleged are “slay queen.”

She also alleged that Yvonne makes appearances in Nigeria to meet men who sponsor her movies, suggesting that she sleeps around for favours.

The ‘Fix Us’ producer and actress last week through her lawyers wrote to the Accra-based radio station and Mona Gucci to retract and apologise to her over the comments or she goes to court.

Yvonne is not only appalled by the comments but also feels defamed. She wanted the radio station and its guest to mention her name and apologise to her just as they did when they defamed her.

The station has therefore done the honourable thing by apologising to YN brand. However, Yvonne in an Instagram post mentioned that her lawyers will pursue Mona Gucci for the allegations she made against her.

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