Xandy Kamel narrates her ordeal with miscarriages

Xandy Kamel pokes her husband again Popular actress, Xandy Kamel, has alleged that she lost one of her pregnancies during an altercation with her estranged husband, Kwaku Mensah (Kaninja),during their time together. Narrating the instance to Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu, Xandy said she was pushed against the wall by her husband who tried to defend himself after he was caught cheating.

According to Xandy, who claims to have lost four pregnancies in that particular marriage, her husband asides from being physical, also acted nonchalant during all her pregnancies.
Recounting what she termed as a bitter experience, Xandy maintained that she falls within the group of women who are fragile during their pregnancies, and her ‘non-supportive partner’ made things worse.

“There was a particular instance where we were
arguing about one of his infidelity escapades. Instead of admitting his mistakes when he was caught, he pushed me aside and I hit the wall. There and then, I lost my pregnancy. Is it because I have never spoken about it? I had four miscarriages throughout the marriage.

“Every woman’s cycle differs. Some women can have about 9 months bed rest anytime they’re pregnant. Just imagine four miscarriages and I am someone who loves children.
The one responsible for the pregnancy also acts nonchalant. For the push, It became a big issue and I even reported it to our parents and they sat down with us to talk about it.” she said. Asked whether the four miscarriages could also mean that her womb perhaps isn’t fit enough to keep a baby, Xandy Kamel said;
“Very soon, I will give birth to another child and this one will hold. It could even be that I’m pregnant whiles talking to you now. How will you know?”

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