The songstress in an interview disclosed turning down a feature from Bisa Kdei when Bisa asks for any because Bisa has already stolen a song from her for a movie sound track.

Essi, the talented Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and performer, recently made headlines with her bold statement about refusing a feature from popular Ghanaian musician Bisa Kdei. In an interview with Happy FM 98.9, Essi revealed that she will turn down a feature request from Bisa Kdei due to an unfortunate incident that occurred between them.

During the interview, Essi explained that she had previously worked with Bisa Kdei on a song. However, Bisa Kdei ended up using the song without her permission, and she only found out about it after the movie was released. Essi was understandably upset about this breach of trust, and she felt that she could no longer work with Bisa Kdei as a result.

“I felt that Bisa Kdei had taken advantage of me, and I didn’t want to give him the chance to do it again,” Essi explained. “I had to draw a line and stand up for myself.”

Essi’s refusal to work with Bisa Kdei may come as a surprise to some, as Bisa Kdei is one of the most popular and respected musicians in Ghana. However, Essi’s decision to stand up for herself and refuse a feature from Bisa Kdei is a powerful reminder that artists should always be vigilant and protect their creative work.

In the music industry, collaborations between artists are common, and they often result in fantastic songs and albums. However, collaborations can also be tricky, and there are many horror stories of artists being taken advantage of by their collaborators. Essi‘s decision to turn down a feature from Bisa Kdei shows that she is aware of the potential pitfalls of collaborations and is not willing to risk her creative work and reputation.

Essi‘s bold statement has garnered a lot of attention in Ghana’s music industry, with many people praising her for her courage and integrity. Some have even suggested that her decision could set a positive example for other artists to follow, and help prevent future instances of creative theft and exploitation.

In conclusion, Essi‘s refusal to work with Bisa Kdei is a powerful reminder of the importance of protecting one’s creative work and standing up for oneself in the face of exploitation. While collaborations can be a great way for artists to create fantastic music, it is crucial to be vigilant and protect one’s creative rights at all times. Essi’s bold stance is a shining example of this principle, and we can all learn from her example.

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