Ghana News Digest is a Ghanaian News Aggregator connecting you to all your favourite news sources all in one app with a beautiful and intuitive user interface.

The app provides news from various Ghanaian news sources and places them in various categories where users can select their favourites and personalize the news for themselves with so many custom features.

Awesome Features

  • Beautiful User Interface Design: with its fresh look, articles are optimized to take advantage of beautiful screens of smartphones to bring the best mobile experience for reading from your favourite news
  • Save/Bookmark: save articles to read at your convenience with or without an active internet connection.
  • Discover: discover news sources across multiple categories like politics, business, sports, technology and
  • Search: look for any topic to get the latest news on them even outside Ghanaian
  • Headlines: provides you with the most trending news in Ghana and keeps you up-to-date with push notifi
  • Personalize experience Digest the way you want to with a lot of customization
  • Sync: sign up with one account and get all your selected favourite sources and saved articles across various

Platforms & Availability

Ghana News Digest aims to bring news from all corners of the country directly to you. Users of the app love it, with great reviews on both Google playstore and the Appstore.

The app has been operational for over a year now and can boast of over 2k users, 120k read articles and has delivered over 1.9 million articles to their users.

Kindly visit here to download the app and enjoy the best news experience in Ghana.

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