Empress Gifty Takes Home Best Music Video Award at Praise Achievement Award 23.

In a night filled with jubilation and celebration, the illustrious Empress Gifty, a distinguished figure in the world of gospel music, clinched the coveted Best Music Video Award for her soul-stirring creation “3y3 Woaa” at the recently concluded Praise Achievement Award 23. The event, held last night, gathered luminaries from the music industry and enthusiasts alike, marking a momentous occasion for the talented artist.

Upon receiving the accolade, Empress Gifty expressed her profound gratitude, saying, “God be praised, my gratitude to the Empress team and the director of our video, Sky Web. To everyone that supports the EMPRESS GIFTY brand unconditionally, I have come this far by that support. Don’t stop believing in the brand; this award is for us all. Thank you, Ghana.”

Empress Gifty, recognized for her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to gospel music, stands as a top-notch, award-winning artist. Her influence extends far beyond the borders of Ghana, resonating across Africa, America, and Europe. With a brand deeply connected to the essence of Ghanaian music, Empress Gifty continues to uplift spirits and inspire audiences worldwide.

As the Best Music Video Award adds another jewel to her impressive collection, Empress Gifty remains a beacon of inspiration, spreading the message of faith and positivity through her music. This achievement not only honors her individual artistry but also underscores the collective triumph of those who ardently support the Empress Gifty brand.

The Praise Achievement Award 23 serves as a testament to Empress Gifty’s enduring impact on the gospel music scene and affirms her status as a true luminary in the industry. The global resonance of her work reflects the universal appeal of Ghanaian music, making her a proud ambassador of the nation’s musical heritage.

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