Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor has advised Sarkodie to compose a diss song for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to demonstrate his neutrality.

He made the suggestion after the rapper decided to dabble in the trending Sammy Gyamfi’s infamous meme which has drawn fury from the majority of Ghanaians.

Kevin, who is known to be so blunt and an ardent critic of the ruling government, did not hold anything back as he freely jabbed Sarkodie for being a hypocrite and liken his beard to that of a goat.

He expressed regret when Sarkodie asked Sammy Gyamfi to delete his meme which ridiculed the President and the Electoral Commission (EC) alluding it to the unfortunate death to George Floyd when he never uttered any word when John Dramani Mahama was also dragged along the same tangent when he was in power.

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