Amankrado GH Drops First Song In 2023 Featuring G-Terra dupped ‘PARTY’

Amankrado GH, the Ghanaian music artist, has released his first song of 2023, titled “PARTY.” The track features Jamaican artist G-Terra and was produced by 420 Drumz. The song is a fusion of the popular South African genre Amapiano with elements of dancehall and afrobeats, creating a unique and infectious sound.

PARTY” is a high-energy track that will have listeners dancing from start to finish. The production is top-notch, with 420 Drumz providing a bouncy beat that perfectly complements the vocals of Amankrado and G-Terra. The lyrics are all about having a good time, making the song perfect for any party or gathering.

Amankrado is known for his ability to blend different genres seamlessly, and “PARTY” is no exception. By incorporating elements of Amapiano, dancehall, and afrobeats, the song has a global appeal that is sure to resonate with fans from different parts of the world.

G-Terra‘s addition to the track brings a unique flavor to the song. His Jamaican patois flows effortlessly over the beat, adding a touch of dancehall to the overall sound.

With “Party,” Amankrado has once again shown why he is one of the most exciting music artists to come out of Ghana in recent years. The track is a testament to his versatility and ability to create music that transcends borders and genres.

The song is now available on all digital platforms across the world, and fans of Amankrado and G-Terra are sure to be delighted with this latest release.

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