My greatest fear is not having any fear in life – says Natty Lee.

Former Shatta Movement Militants member Natty Lee, born William Addy, has disclosed that there is nothing like fear in his entire life. He is moved by positive ambitions and always wants positive things in his actions.

Speaking to Dj Qwequ on Ahomka 99.5 FM in Elmina, the Happy Life crooner disclosed when asked for his greatest fear that he doesn’t have any fear in his line of work and is not afraid of happenings around him. He is very vigilant and very careful with himself, and that moves him more in life.

“My greatest fear is not having any fear. There are people who think of the good side and the bad side when they are about to do something in life. When I want to do something, the only thing I think about is whether it will be successful and what the good side of it is. So, my only fear is that I don’t have that fear to think of losing.”

He ended by adding that he is much moved to believe everything he tried doing has been successful, so therefore, everything he tries now will work out well for him. He encouraged the youth to have the mentality to overcome their fears in life.

“I believe that no matter how long it takes, everything will be successful for me. The tortoise walks slowly but always gets to its destination. I am a go-tetter and always positive about myself. The youth should learn that, stay with positive minds, and believe in God through prayer.


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