My name is God’sQueen Miracle Jesutitofunmi Nana-Efua Akande a.k.a ‘Almighty G-Queen’.* I am a Multi-talented Singer/Song-writer/Rapper who was born on the 23rd day of the First month. I was Born to a Ghanaian Mother and a Nigerian Father. I went to Olive Branches Schools for my primary and secondary education. Then I attended the University of Ghana where i studied English and Theatre Arts and graduated with a Second Class Upper.

I am into Gospel music and Inspirational/Motivational Music. Music is my passion because God created music for me to use as a medium to praise and worship Him. Infact God created us to use music to praise Him and secondly to express ourselves. And so I use my music to speak about God and also to inspire and motivate people. I want to inspire people with my music. I want to give life to people through my music. I want a sad person to listen to my music and become happy. I want to uplift souls with my music.

 I want to give hope to people through my music. But the truth is that there is no hope without God; There is no inspiration without JESUS CHRIST. And so the general theme that resonates through my music is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD. We got to put the Word out there and let the whole world know that Christ is coming back soon. I Do it for Jesus. He is the reason I sing. Years ago Jesus Christ came to us, died for us, rose again, went up to Heaven and will one day return for us. He does everything for us and so we should be prepared to do anything for Him- Sing for Him, dance for Him, preach for Him, win souls for Him, live for Him and even die for Him. The whole existence of Man revolves around Him. And this is why I sing. To let everyone know that, God has given me this voice and now, I will use it for His glory.

I am currently working on a song titled “Jesus’ love song”.

It is a song that expresses my deep feelings to Jesus, showing my gratitude for all He has done for me. And another song “Bow Down”; this song urges and encourages people to bow down and give reverence to One who Created them. You see my world is about bringing people to God; reminding them about their Root- which is God because we all come from God and we shall one day go back to Him. By the grace of God, my Music is going to bring a revolution into people’s lives. Because of me people will glorify God, because of me nations will praise Him, because of me Kingdoms will come and bow before His Golden throne. The Almighty God is my Father, and I am his Almighty daughter. Anywhere I go people see God in me and I see God in them. I AM ALMIGHTY G-QUEEN…WELCOME TO MY QUEENDOM.

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