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Thank you Mr. Corona Virus

Yes! You heard me right. I just thanked the deadly, evil and novel Covid-2019. Don’t say I’m insane.. I’m in my best and soundest mind. I know at this crucial times, what’s expected of any reasonable being is to despise, hate and forbid the dangerous pandemic who’s short stay has already taken a lot of our family and loved ones away. Well, I decided to take a shift to the turn no one has reflected, perhaps because we’ve been overly concerned.

Since the last periods the pandemic broke, one historic thing that has happened is that, from the worst developed to the most developed country, directly or indirectly, have acknowledged the existence and power of God. I was so amazed how many countries already declared national prayers and the social media floods with numerous Bible quotes to give hopes and seek the face of God. The Christian is under test to see if he/she can stand such hard times of having family fellowships instead of meeting at chapels, and being faithful in paying tithes via MoMo.

It has rendered both the poor and rich the same. Before the pandemic, reverence was given to people who come from overseas. Now, they’re like stinking piece of thing. The poor man who can’t afford plane ticket is most valued today than the rich man who can go to the white man’s land and come back home with a potomanto full of dollars. Before you say jack, you’re under 14 days quarantine period… Lol. The V8s and Rolls Royce are now packed, as the owners are either isolating themselves or walking to exercise like the poor who never had a car.

It has tested the intelligence, the wisdom and the proactiveness of our leaders, and the love they have for their people. Most countries are improving their health systems because of the deadly pandemic. In most countries now, the sharply divided opposition parties, minorities and majorities are like newly wedded couples. Ain’t you thanking Covid-19 already?

It has made us see the real and fake friends. It has made the abandoned market woman now a queen who decides who and how much she will want to sell her limited beans and gari, amid the panic and fear of food shortage. The “Kayeye” is highly needed to carry and take cash.. She can also feed her family by the kind courtesy of Mr. Corona virus. The local industries can double their productions whilst the unemployed sell the nose masks, hand sanitizers and hand gloves to make ends meet.

It has offered the busybody some time to rest the body and have time for family. Stingy uncles are now back in the villages.The poor citizen denied of these basic necessary health education will now have it left, right and center.
Above all, it has instilled a discipline in us; a routine that will be hopefully practiced even after the pandemic. Continuous hand washing, personal hygiene, taking more water, amongst others, which was thrown away have been reintroduced and reinforced by the respected Corona Virus.

Let me conclude by extending my deepest condolences to the families of all lost souls. I join the deep prayers to seek the face of God in driving this dangerous pandemic far from humanity. For now, I say THANK YOU MR. CORONA VIRUS

Derrick Fio (MC Deefio)
Gyegyewase North,
Agona Asafo Republic.

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